Geographic Information Systems

FireWeb is capable of integrating with various Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) by real-time streaming of  layers via REST feed. FireWeb currently supports ESRI and ArcGIS via FeatureServices and MapServices as well as other solutions via Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS). These capabilities allow the FireWeb system to present users with up-to-date spatial information via the FireWeb interface regardless of where the information is collected and analysed within the organisation and also allows for the merging of third-party datasets or shared association datasets into a single view.  

In addition to this, FireWeb provides value by utilising these feeds to assist users with easy identification of address, tax lot ownership, land classification or dispatch zone when using our dispatching tools as well as allows users to search the properties within the spatial datasets available for single click position during the initial attack phase of an incident. All of our mapping interfaces provide drawing and measuring tools, the ability to toggle on and off labels as well as numerous different base layers such as street view, satellite, topographical or greyscale.