Wildfire Detection Cameras

FireWeb has integrated with a variety of wildfire detection camera systems deployed in South Africa, Canada, Australia, Brazil and in the United States of America. Using our FireWeb Connect product, all automated smoke reports are automatically pushed within seconds to the web and are made available to detection operators to finalise and distribute smoke reports to key role-players.

Using the FireWeb automated notification systems allows for smoke reports to be sent timeously to the correct individuals and agencies based on incident type, severity and location. The automated notification contains a secure tokenised link to allow key role-players both with and without FireWeb access to interact with the information and view updates as the incident progresses from either their computer or mobile device. Link tracking allows operators to confirm when the messages have been received and viewed by the recipients and provides first responders with a mechanism to communicate with dispatch and provides organisations with rich reporting analytics.

Dispatchers responsible for initial attack can generate an incident report in FireWeb directly from the alert with all spatial information pre-populated immediately, reducing the time between early warning detection and rapid response. In addition to this, users with the appropriate access are able to view near real-time camera imagery from any of the cameras and views linked to the FireWeb system and are able to view up to 24 hours of historical interval-based imagery.